Specialized course designed to elevate your online dating experience so you can finally meet Mr. Right

This course is for you if...

...you want to meet the man of your dreams but it feels like all the guys you meet only want sex

This course is for you if...

...you're ready to jump back into the dating world with confidence but have no idea where to start

This course is for you if...

...you've edited your Tinder profile for the 87th time but still keep getting those famous unsolicited "D" picks   

Does this sound familiar?


You're ready to start dating, meet some great guys, and of course find the man of your dreams so you sign up to online dating and this happens...

  • Sexual comments way too soon... "so show me a sexy pic"
  • Poor engagement – one word responses..."K"
  • Conversation doesn't seem meaningful..."hey, what's up"
  • It all just feels overwhelming (deleting the apps & almost throwing your phone out the window on a weekly basis)
  • It's hard to connect with someone over a screen who you haven’t met yet
  • Getting frustrated when guys ghost you (after he just spent the last 2 weeks saying how much he thinks you're amazing and is ready for something "real")
  • Guys seem to want to message but not actually meet (umm I don't have time for this, I've got sh*t to do)
  • It feels like all the good guys are taken and like everyone online are just the leftovers
  • It feels like so many guys just want hook-ups and not relationships (like seriously, at what age do these guys actually want something real)
  • If you see one more picture of a guy holding a dead fish you might just give up entirely and become a nun

All the things that happen when you take Swipe Right Online Dating Course


  • You'll have a profile that stands out from other women and attracts hot & compatible men
  • You'll learn how to get guys to talk (have more conversations that actually stimulate you) 
  • You'll learn to use the apps so they feel more fun and less exhausting
  • You'll know how to get more guys to ask you out instead of the dreaded pen pal trap
  • You'll have all the skills to easily reject guys without the guilt
  • You'll be able to date with more confidence which (warning) will have your phone buzzing with more potential dates
  • Butterflies get activated in your stomach on a regular basis

Module One


- Create a dating profile that speaks to your dream guy & stands out above other women

- Get clear on what makes you a catch and how to show that in your profile

- Learn what photos are best to use

- Learn what to put in your bio to attract compatible guys and filter out the wrong ones

- Get clear on who your dream guy is so you can become a screening queen!

Module Two


- Learn mindset hacks to make online dating an experience you frikin' love instead of hate

- Dig in to your current thoughts and feelings around dating and clear out any negativity

- Learn ways to practice implementing new beliefs around dating that create excitement instead of overwhelm

- Define your own boundaries in your dating life & tips on how to uphold them, unapologetically

- Learn about rejection, both giving and receiving, so it can feel light and easy

Module Three


- Learn how to communicate so you can filter out 'hook-up guys' and get more dates with high-quality men.

- Learn next-level tips on how to start conversations that are engaging so you can actually get to know each other

- Learn how to prevent and escape the texting- trap and get asked out more on real life dates

- Communication tips to grab men's attention and make you irresistible


        Plus BONUS content included!


      Bonus 1 - Flirting 101 Training

      Bonus 2 - Safety in the Dating World 

      Bonus 3 - Exclusive access Swipe Right online support group

What women are saying... 


"I'm actually having so much fun and feel very confident my person is out there"


“She friken blew my mind. I went from tainted and jaded to excited about online dating which was completely amazing, I never expected that quick of a transition”


" I feel much more confident in who I am and what qualities I want in a partner"

If you're ready to meet the man of your dreams, I've got you covered, girl. 


Hi! I'm Alaya.

As a Dating Coach for single women, I am so unbelievably passionate about helping women on their path to finding their forever partner. 

Dating today isn't always as easy as we hope, and that's precisely why I'm here. I can show you how dating can be a nourishing and wonderful experience. You can learn how to date both online and in person in ways that feel clear, confident, and aligned with what you desire. You can be sought after by amazing men, you can learn to define and uphold your boundaries, and most certainly can learn the beautiful ways to manifest and attract the man of your dreams into you life.

That's where I come in. This online dating course is fundamental to getting yourself out there and attracting authentic, compatible men. Your person is out there, now let's find him, shall we?

SWIPE RIGHT: It's time to love your dating life and find Mr. Right

See you inside the course! ~ Alaya xoxo