What on Earth Does a Dating Coach Even Do?

Hey Babes! It's so funny when I tell people I'm a Date Coach I always get the same reactions... "Oh my god I need that!" or "Oh wow, everyone needs one of those!"  Yet, some people don't know exactly what a Date Coach does, so I've put together 5 things that Dating Coaches do so you can better understand.

#1 Online Profile Revamp

It makes me sad when I see great people with horrible online dating profiles. Dating coaches work with you to revise your online dating profile(s). We take a close look at what impression you are delivering vs. the impression you want to deliver, as sometimes those don't always match up. We go over photo choices and even provide professional photo sessions included in some packages. We carefully tailor the profile to be worded in such a way that you are providing quantity and quality content to make you the most attractive, and also help filter out those people you aren't compatible with. Lastly we can help you with skills on how to message people in ways that land you dates or handle giving/receiving rejection.

#2 Decrease Burnout

Dating burnout is a thing. You may have experienced it or seen it with your friends. Oftentimes this looks like getting really frustrated with online dating apps, feeling like dating is causing frustration rather than joy, and losing confidence and altering goals because it's just too exhausting. Coaching helps avoid this burnout by keeping your goals clear and simple. We work together as a team to ensure that you aren't swaying from them because you have defined actions that are keeping you on track. When you don't sway from the vision, and you keep your actions aligned with your goals, dating is a far more enjoyable experience, and guess what, you get what you're looking for so much faster!

#3 Clarity of your Desires

Dating coaches take you from a "winging it" approach, to helping you get really friken clear on what you want. And although sometimes we don't think we know what we want, it actually means we don't know how to discover what we want. A coach will help you get that clarity. Because guess what, when you are clear on what you want, you'll RECOGNIZE it when it's in front of you! It then becomes so easy without wondering, "do I actually like her?"..."can I compromise this?" Taking away that uncertainty and confusion makes dating fun, and you waste farrrrr less time.

#4 Self Confidence

Oftentimes people have patterns with their dating. Let's face it, we are creatures if habit. The problem comes when we habitually date the wrong people. Coaches work with you to identify patterns (both good and bad), and we leverage your good qualities while identifying and break free of the patterns that are getting in the way of successful dating. The confidence comes in when we not only leverage on qualities that make you a catch, but we also take you out of your comfort zone and into new patterns that are geared towards SUCCESS of your dating goals. Confidence skyrockets when we go out of those habitual comfort zones and try new skills!

#5 - Unbiased Advice

Yes your friends are going to be great at giving advice but they can only provide it from their own limited perspectives, whereas coaching provides unbiased advice that focuses very in tune with your specific wants and needs. We dive DEEP into this, and this my dear friends, is where the magic begins!! With a coach you share all the raw details of your wants and failures. We talk about them, and we make a strategic plan. A coach will be ENTIRELY honest because we are just as invested in your success as you are. Reaching goals = us having the raw and sometimes difficult conversations. Ànd even with that, it's actually very fun along the way! 

So there it is. Although there is so much more to what Dating Coaches can do, I wanted to give these 5 simple explanations to you, as Date Coaching has so many benefits and it may be a something you’ve never heard of. Happy dating babes!

~ Alaya

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