Juicy Dating Ideas During a Pandemic

As if dating wasn’t hard enough, now throwing in a little global pandemic to make it even more challenging is leaving singles feeling like throwing in the towel. When finding your life partner is one of your life goals, giving up on dating altogether simply isn’t an option. So now what? Getting creative while socially distancing is really the key. Here are some tips and tricks to keeping the sparks alive in your dating life during a not-so-sexy pandemic.

Creativity is fundamental to successful dating while maintaining distancing requirements. Of course restrictions will vary by location and time, however some of the tips below should be helpful until we are free to raw-dog oxygen once again.

When going from swiping right on a dating app to finally wanting to meet someone, video dates are one of the best and safest options. Although there are many people who ‘don’t like video’, its usually because they are not familiar with it, so the unknown territory doesn’t feel great as its a little bit outside their comfort zones. Practice helps, and so does a great attitude. We may not like video dates, but when this is one of our only options, its best to try to have a little twist in our opinions and attitudes towards them. Video dates actually help save people time. Think about it, you don’t have to exude all the extra energy you normally would if you had to meet someone across town, fight traffic, find parking, and put on pants. Dating exhaustion is a ‘thing’, and this simpler way of meeting people helps eliminate some of the exhaustion.

Some tips to make your video dating a little more juicy, are to ensure that your camera angles are flattering. If you are looking down at your date the entire time with an extreme close-up view, they are essentially looking up your nose and this isn’t necessarily the best angle for first impressions. Another tip is to look good. Get ready for this date as if you were meeting them in person. Although we all love grey sweatpants, style your clothes and hair and try to look your best. This shows you are putting in effort, which is very attractive. And don’t forget to clean your glasses as this is distracting with camera lights reflecting on them when they’re dirty.

If you do plan to have some video dates and want some fun ideas, you could each get the same bottle of wine and drink that while you chat. Or, one of my favourites is to cook dinner together. This involves making the same recipe at the same time over video then sitting down and eating together after its ready. This can be a fun and playful date especially when you add a bit of competition. Ensure you set up your video at a distance so you can walk around your kitchen and still see each other. To make this even better, hook up your laptop to your tv with an HDMI cable or Bluetooth so you can see your date on your tv instead of the small screen on your device. You could also take turns choosing what song to play in the background which allows you to see what each other's music taste is, (another opportunity to make fun of each other).

Other video date ideas are to play games such as trivia, or you could plan a workout together where one of you takes the lead. This can be especially fun for those who have never tried certain exercises such as yoga or having push-up or squat competitions. Make it even more interesting and choose a theme such as 80’s workout wear. Maybe make a wager on the prize when someone wins…

Some outdoor dates can involve going on walks. Try to choose a pretty area of the city you live in so it adds to the ambiance. Other outdoor ideas can be going tobogganing while maintaining distance, or meeting in your cars where you park six feet away, roll down your windows, and chat from your car.

Depending on the restrictions of where you live, a fun and creative date idea is to go grocery shopping together. This is a fabulous way to get playful by seeing if you have any of the same items on your list, or perhaps trying to guess each others’ favourite cereal, or having the ‘green grapes are better than red’ debate. Grocery shopping with your date tells you a lot about them; you can see if they make quick decisions or take their time, learn how healthy they are, see how they like to spend or save money, see how they interact with strangers, the list goes on.

All in all, dating during the covid pandemic definitely has its unique challenges, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up. If you try to see things from a different perspective, you may find that its not as bad as you thought. One other example of this is, when you meet someone you really like and you cant touch them, the tension builds up a lot. This tension can be really fun and build in a great way; play on that and enjoy that part until you can meet and hug and kiss people the way we could in past days. Know that this wont last forever, and if you look around, you will see evidence of so many people who have found love during covid, maybe you’re next!

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