Man-ifest Masterclass

Become an energetic match to attract the man of your dreams.

A transformational course.

This course is for you if...

You're a single ambitious woman looking to meet the man of her dreams and simply refuses to settle for a mediocre relationship.

This course is for you if...

You feel stuck in dating. You aren't meeting compatible high-quality men and want to get on the exact path to finding your forever person.

This course is for you if...

You want to use the law of attraction to manifest the man of your dreams while adopting a positive, fun, and attractive vibe along the way.

Does this sound familiar?


You truly want to meet your forever person but don't feel clear on precisely what to look for.


You are trying to meet compatible guys but they never seem to be a match for what you really want.


You know that a negative attitude isn't attractive but you're feeling stuck because (let's face it) dating feels hard.


You aren't being your vibrant positive self because all the men you've met aren't your match


You wish there was a way to have a radiant, magnetic vibe so amazing men gravitate to you! 

Here's what  Man-ifest Masterclass is all about...

Becoming an Energetic Match

We get super clear on using the law of attraction to co-create with you. This means you can literally change the outcomes of your dating life and manifest your desires into reality. Hello empowerment!

Major Mindset Shift

Positive attracts and negative repels. You will learn to maintain a feel-good vibe in your dating life even when things get tough. Like actually, no faking it. Feelings are the key player in what the universe brings to your reality. If you want to meet your person, you must get your desires, feelings, and emotions in alignment.


You can not find what you're looking for if you don't know precisely what it "looks" like. We get clear on the type of man you desire. The universe can't give you what you want if you can't clearly articulate what that is.

Saturate & Speed 

Using the law of attration isn't simply thinking new thoughts. There are so many ways you can speed up the process. Get ready to learn a variety of techniques and exercises to use your manifestation practices in a faster more powerful way in the course. Expect to meet higher quality men sooner!

Okay, but what exactly does this course look like?


There are 5 modules plus bonuses. If more get added, you get them at no additional cost.


Trainings are video recordings. This means you can listen to or watch them in the background over and over to let the messages sink in. Manifestation usually requires repetition, so this method is perfect. 


Worksheets for each module to guide you in learning the material and implementing it. Transformations can't happen without action. The worksheets will help get you there. 


Community! You will also join a private Facebook community where other women in the course can provide peer support.  Alaya is also available there to answer questions as you progress. You aren't alone in this journey!


This is a digital course. That means once you purchase it, its's yours forever. Just log in any time and revisit any elements you feel called to. And there's payment options so just choose the one that suits you best.


Hello dating goddess, I'm Alaya!


As a Dating Coach for single women, I am so unbelievably passionate about helping women on their path to finding their forever partner. 

Dating today isn't always as easy as we hope, and that's precisely why I'm here. I can show you how dating can be a nourishing and wonderful experience.

You can learn how to date both online and in person in ways that feel clear, confident, and aligned with what you desire.

You can be sought after by amazing men, you can learn to define and uphold your boundaries, and most certainly can learn the beautiful ways to manifest and attract the man of your dreams into you life.

That's where I come in.

I created Man-ifest Masterclass course because it was literally the biggest element of my transformation from an extremely difficult dating life where I felt defeated and discouraged, to an entirely different wonderful experience. I learned that mindset and manifestation is powerful and it works. This changed everything for me and I couldn't wait to share it with other single women who were looking to meet their forever person.

Successful dating requires skills and mindset. Mindset is over 80% of what it takes to change your dating life for the better and that is precisely what I teach you in Man-ifest Masterclass. 

Your person is out there, now let's find him, shall we?

Now that you're finally ready to change your dating life and become an energetic match to finding the man of your dreams, it's time to get started with Man-ifest Masterclass!



Get ready for a new radiant magnetic vibe. 

Get ready for major shifts in your dating energy.

Get ready to attract higher quality compatible men.

Get ready to become an energetic match to attracting your forever person!

See you in the course.

- Alaya