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Finding the man of your dreams requires putting yourself out there. If flirting feels awkward or you wish you had more flirting skills, this masterclass is for you! 

Master Flirting with Confidence

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I know you want to flirt with confidence, but right now it feels a little more like this...


You talk yourself out of it because it feels awkward

Rejection sucks so you'd rather just not risk it

When you're really attracted to him, you don't know what to say

You'd rather he just makes the first move 



Here's what you are going to learn with Master Flirting with Confidence FREE training...

Eye Contact 

NEXT-LEVEL insights and how-to's so you can use a variety of techniques to grab his attention.

Body Language

Use non-verbal techniques to send a clear message to him so he knows you're interested. 


Crush that fear of rejection so you feel CONFIDENT flirting any time you feel like it. 


Learn subtle flirty techniques to make yourself more approachable in public so he approaches you.  

Here's what happens when you learn 

how to flirt...


Men will notice you everywhere you go

Your confidence will be totally elevated

You'll stand out from other women in the room

You'll stop missing prime opportunities to meet the man of your dreams

I'm Alaya


Hi lovely! I'm so happy you're here. I'm Alaya, a Dating Coach, and I love love love helping single women learn to date with confidence, clarity, and fun on the way to meeting the man of their dreams. 


I focus on...

- using aligned dating practices so you can date in ways that feel good to you

- shifting your energy to become an energetic match to manifest your dream man

- saturating your vibe with true goddess self love & confidence in the dating world


Ps. If you have a coffee obsession, you and I are definitely going to get along! 


Enjoy your free training on Master Flirting with Confidence!

Mastering Flirting with Confidence