Alaya grew up in British Columbia, Canada as an orchard baby with her grandparents owning an apple and cherry orchard. She lived in various cities such as Vancouver, Kelowna, and now  she resides in Edmonton, Alberta. Alaya has always known that helping people is her passion, as she has spent years as a Sports Massage Therapist and Human Resource professional where she was able to really get a front-row seat of learning human behaviour and what makes people tick.


Alaya's Dating Experience

Alaya spent over ten years in a marriage and after mutually deciding it was no longer meant to be, she found herself single in a dating world that was much different than before. Dating today was different than dating over a decade ago. Things move a lot faster, superficial gratification on dating apps was now a reality, and the fact that there is a ‘game’ that we think needs to be played, felt very disheartening.

With the dating world feeling so foreign to Alaya, she decided to dive in deep to what on earth was going on. She learned over the last five years of research, practice, and a whole lot of self-discovery, that dating in today’s world can be, well...a bitch. People have no trouble cancelling and no-showing for dates after messaging for weeks, people have unrealistic expectations of what they want in partners, and it felt that oftentimes people on online dating apps rarely even wanted to date! Through this discovery, Alaya learned that researching and learning human behaviour was going to be critical to having a successful dating life. Knowing there are lot of great people out there, she just needed to figure out how to meet them, and stop wasting so much time meeting the wrong incompatible people.

Through over six years of research and practice, Alaya has been able to get a grasp on what the dating world involves and in doing so, she has been able to learn boundaries, self- discovery, and psychological tendencies of men and women. Through this, Alaya was able to become a dating goddess, sounding herself with people who she wanted to be around, making great lifelong friends, and having mind-blowing romantic (and sexual) experiences – just as she wished!

Alaya as your Coach

Choosing a Dating Coach is a very important decision. Before you commit, you need to know that you are compatible as a coaching team to ensure that you enjoy the coaching process, and most importantly, get the results you are after. Not all coaches will be suited for you, so to help you decide, here’s a little bit of what its like to work with Alaya:

Alaya has a natural born talent to listen to people’s concerns and help them turn things around to feel better about what they are going through in their lives. Alaya is the person who has both the warm and friendly, feel-good vibes, mixed with a fierce ‘lets get shit done’ personality. She values honesty and raw conversation in order to achieve self-discovery and truly achieving the relationship results you want. She is fun and witty and has no time for fake-ness. This means that you know what you are getting when you work with her; no secrets or hidden agendas. Alaya believes in the realistic ways of the world and how people interact, so she isn’t going to sugar-coat the coaching sessions.


What working with Alaya feels like, is knowing that someone is truly on your side and will be your mentor through your dating life and successes, all while helping you unravel who you truly are with raw and even sometimes uncomfortable conversations. She will work with you to set objectives throughout the coaching relationship, and she will hold you accountable to them, all while being your biggest advocate and cheerleader. She will work with you to peel back layers to discover where you are going wrong, and hone in on the amazing qualities that make you a catch. You’ll team up so your frustrations and insecurities that you feel now get diluted and diminished, all while replacing them with confidence, self- assurance, and seductively-appealing dating skills so you can reach your goals, whether that be light-hearted fun with others, marriage, or anything in between. With Alaya, you will laugh, you will have fun, and you will reach your relationship goals all while discovering things about yourself you never knew.